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Contentment is not possessing everything but giving thanks for everything you possess.

Head wraps, Welders Caps, Doo Rags, Du Rags, Illinois, Idaho Vandals, Kent State, Iowa, Kansas, LSU, Louisville, Louisiana Tech College quality handmade in USA by My Sports Bandanas dog and human bandanas, du-rags, doorags that are reversible and washable. Our collar bandanas slide over your pets existing collar giving your pet a safer, non tie bandana that will not choke or harm them.

 MEDICAL CAPS   Hospital Scrub caps and bouffant caps, Doo Rag Scull Caps, Medical caps are reversible inside or out.  Doo Rags are one thickness with a flap to protect neck from being rubbed by helmets. Doo Rags are available with a cotton sweatband inside front band.  Both are great for cancer patients and medical personnel.


Cooling Headbands


Fabric Fat Quarters

18 x 20


2 FQ = 1/2 yard

4 FQ= 1yard


Cal Berkley

Medical Scrub Caps


U of Minnesota

Bouffant Caps & Ladies Cancer Caps



Stethoscope Covers   $15.95


Dog Bandanas

X-Small= $9.95 (toy dogs)         Small = $11.95 (small dogs)

Medium = $12.95 (cockers, Lapso, etc)      



Large = $14.95 (Labs, Collies)

X-Large = $16.95 (Rotweilers, Chows, Akita's)


If you want a bandana for a human they are a 27" square with hemmed edge 

  Human bandanas  $17.95    


Applacian Mountaineers

Doo Rags  $16.95

       Stethoscope Covers $15.95

Welders Cap

Welder Caps Size Chart

Welder Caps Sizes


U of Idaho

Idaho U

U of Idaho

Idaho Vandals

Illinois U

Illinois Big I


U Illinois Squares B.O.


Illinois St SQ

 Northern Illinois

U Northern Illinois

Indiana U

Indiana Home

Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana Hoosiers

Indiania U

Indiana Patches


U of Iowa Squares

Iowa Gold

Gold U of Iowa

Iowa Checks

Iowa Checks

U of Iowa

Iowa Postcards

Iowa U

Iowa Black B.O.

Iowa U

Iowa Realtree Camo

Iowa U

Iowa U

Iowa Home

Bandana Sizes

Iowa Plaid

Iowa State

Cyclone Faces

Iowa State

Iowa State Camo

Iowa State

Iowa State Emjoils

Iowa State

Iowa St Paisley

Iowa State

Iowa State Red Logo

Iowa State

Iowa State Red

James Madisom U

James Madison

Kansas U

Kansas Tiles

Kansas U

Kansas Mascot


U of Kansas

Kansas U

Kansas New Logo

Kansas U

U of Kansas White

Kansas State

Kansas St Tone

Kansas State Tiles

Kansas State Tiles

Kansas State

Kansas State Sqs

Kansas State

Kansas State Mascot

Kent State

Kent State

Kent State

Kent State Sqs

 U of Kentucky

U K Tiles


U K Tie Dye


U K Squares

Kentucky U Pop Art

UK Pop Art

U Kentucky

UK Wildcats

Kentucky U

UK Buffalo Plaid

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