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Note:  Fabrics availability change every day due to supply & demand.  We try to fill orders with the shown fabric, but sometimes a similar fabric is only available and will be substituted.

All items are handmade & sometimes fabrics need to be ordered.  Extra time is allowed for fabrics.  Any questions please email us at:

Our newest products  are doorags for your dogs.  They can be matching to yours as a companion.  They come in three sizes.  X-Small, Small, Large.  There can be ordered from any page on the website.

X-small fits Chihuahuas & Yorkie's Small little haired dogs

Small fits Westie & Laspso dogs with hair that is longer

Large fits Labs & large dogs

If not sure of a size email us with the dog bred & we will help you.

Please excuse our very uncooperative models who did not want pictures taken that day!

X-small Doggie Doorags fit the dog like their owners adult doorag.  All doorags have one side in printed fabric back side in plain coordinating color.  Doogie Doorags are reversible.  They fit on head & then the tie goes under the neck & tie in back of head.  Open for ears.




doggie doorag

Jack Russell at 12 weeks

doggie doorag

Jack Russell at 12 weeks

doggie doorag

Longer hair dog like a

                                Small doggie doorags work better for the longer haired dogs like Shelties, Lapso, smooth haired dogs like Dachshunds.

doggie doorag

My Sheltie that has a recent haircut.

doggie doorag doggie doorag

                               Large doorag for the Labs & larger dogs.

doggie doorag

My lab looks like he just got a spanking.

doggie doorag doggie doorag

Cooling scarfs/headbands are great for work in your garden, running, rafting, fishing, hiking, exercising.  They can be worn around the neck or around your forehead.

doggie doorag doggie doorag doggie doorag

My Sports Bandanas

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